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Goes by the moniker dollicandy.

At the age of 16, she was given a third-hand Canon EOS 400D (Whom she calls as "Zoe") and that camera was the turning point. The root of her inspiration is small and simple -- She wanted to create images that are beautiful, that she like, that she could call her own. Photography is the platform of her developing skills and expresions. Her emotions basically serve as the main inspiration of her photographs. Photos, for her, contains endless possibilities of communication, perception, interpretation, and execution.

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My Blog is 99% self-centered. I believe that I am entitled to post whatever I want in my blog. And opinions expressed here do not reflect those of any individuals that I am affiliated with. All content is owned by me ©Jamie Sarmiento unless otherwise credited. Please do not use or steal them without permission. Credits to posts where I am connected is also appreciated. I also accept projects/works in photography. If interested, contact me at or message me here in my Tumblr or in any of the links above. Much Love, J.


19 February 12

Photos for our Phil Lit and Photog Plate.

Portraying characters from Jose Rizal’s written literature Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo; Sisa, Maria Clara, Simoun, and Padre Salvi.

I suddenly served as a makeshift model for Sisa since one of our model couldn’t make it. Lol. It was fun being covered with makeshift dirt to look like an insane person wandering the streets. 

We even had to re-take Sisa and Maria Clara since our prof wouldn’t accept it for some reason. So I got to experience the uncomfortable feeling of being Sisa for the second time around /o/ 

Location: Intramuros
Models: Lorelie Inciong(Maria Clara), Jc Dimayuga(Padre Salvi), Jeff Macatangay(Simoun), and Me(as Sisa) 
Photos: Lorelie Inciong, Victor John Sierra, Christian Gumaya, Jamie Sarmiento 

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